Full on Thanksgiving Day? Fill Your Heart, Not Just Your Belly

Full on Thanksgiving Day? Fill Your Heart, Not Just Your Belly

Full. The dictionary defines full as “having no empty space.” What if this Thanksgiving Day, you decided to fill up on love? What if you had second or third helpings of kindness or dished out gratitude? What would it take for you to feel full-hearted?


Three Things

What three things can you be sure to check off your list that would make your heart feel full and your celebration complete on Thanksgiving Day? Is it family, friends, and food? How about love, giving, and  football?

For me, family is first. Second, gathering together and enjoying each other’s company is key, an enchanted key at that. Then, gratitude for being a family and for the food we share seems like a natural progression.

Fantasy vs. Reality

You know we’ve been focusing on distinguishing our fantasies about the “perfect” Thanksgiving vs. what the likely reality involves. If you missed that post, go to  http://enchantedjourney.club/attitude-adjustment-thanksgiving/ ‎  This week, when I ask you to  select three things that will make you feel complete about your Thanksgiving Day celebration, it’s not to create perfection as much as it is to shape the day. It helps if we can also diminish stress, avert disappointment, and simplify our lives.

Some Thanksgiving Days Are Better Than Others

Several years ago, when I was in my twenties, I moved to southern California by myself. I was alone on Thanksgiving, unable to get a plane ticket home. Plan B was to celebrate with friends, but they spontaneously decided to go camping for the week. I stayed behind. The Cornish game hen didn’t defrost in time, there was a power outage, and I was without electricity for several hours. I ended up crying while eating slices of jelled cranberry and applesauce by candlelight. This was not what I had envisioned, but the bottom line was that I felt grateful for family and friends even though I was not with them.

Dragons of Perfection

Once I got married, our house became been the host celebration home. I have done most of the cooking myself over the years, and I’ll admit that in the past, I’ve prepped, cooked, decorated and cleaned with the Dragons of Perfection (and Stress) breathing fire on me.

The New Way

I developed the Enchanted Keys and learned to use them every day.  Our kids grew so I’ve had much more help in the kitchen, and I love sharing the space. Variations to traditional dishes are embraced.  I delegate chores. It doesn’t matter so much if the football games are on in the other room. I’m fine with people lovingly making fun of me for naming nearly everyone I know and why I’m grateful to have them in my life when it’s my turn to hold the salt shaker. Each person at the table offers gratitude and there is less perceived pressure on me when I’m not the sole memory maker.

Make Your Three Things A Reality

I invite you to think about what three things would make your Thanksgiving special and your heart full. See if you can align your fantasy with your reality and make the day truly one of thanks giving and joy.

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Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!

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