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Free Yourself From Dragons of Co-Dependency This Independence Day!

Free Yourself From From Dragons of Co-Dependency This Independence Day!

Free yourself on this day that celebrates America’s independence.  Untangle yourself from those Dragons that lure you into co-dependent relationships. If you’re co-dependent, you have thoughts, behaviors and feelings that exceed the normal limits of self-sacrifice.

Patterns and characteristics outlined by Co-Dependents Anonymous include denial, compliance, low self-esteem, control and avoidance.

These are warning signs to look for:


Dragons encourage you to minimize your own feelings. They label others with negative traits and attract people who are emotionally unavailable to you.


Dragons convince you that your own needs are unimportant, and if you give yourself up, you’ll avoid rejection or anger from others. They tell you that you’re being noble by staying too long in harmful situations when you know you should get out. You notice that you’ve been valuing the opinions of others over your own.

Low Self-esteem

Dragons confuse you by relentlessly telling you that you’re not good enough. Then they suggest that you fruitlessly try to demand recognition or praise that you think you deserve.  Your needs don’t get met, and you have trouble setting healthy priorities and boundaries.


Dragons believe you should convince others to think, feel and behave a certain way. They use the tactics of blame and shame. Often, they persuade you to use sex to gain approval and acceptance.


Dragons are victorious when you invite rejection, bring shame upon yourself, and engage in empty relationships, devoid of intimacy. They celebrate squashed emotions, and making you feel under appreciated.

Empower Yourself

If you’re in a co-dependent relationship with a Dragon (another person, or trapped in your own patterns of negative self-talk) release yourself through healthy channels. Acknowledge and validate your worth. Don’t participate in plans or activities that go against good health in body, mind, spirit and emotions. When you watch fireworks this 4th, imagine each explosion of color dismantling a negative thought or pattern and replace it with a positive one. Fears, doubts, insecurities and judgments are shadow puppets that Dragons project on your wall when it’s dark.


Celebrate your own independence and let freedom from Dragons ring!

Enchanted Breaths are the “ahh, the haha, and the aha! of life.”

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