Enchantment Key 1: Mindfulness

Forever Memories Are Created Through Mindfulness

Forever memories are created through mindfulness when you listen for what is meaningful to others and take action on it. Dear Enchanted Journeyers, I want to thank all of you who participated in the celebration of the good news I shared in Sunday’s blog post. If you missed it, here’s the link: http://enchantedjourney.club/celebrating-triumphs-mindfulness/

I was rewarded for being mindful with a fabulous adventure. Well, the adventure continues. Before Valentine’s Day, I’d been holding a secret surprise for my husband that only our grown kids and a few of you Journeyers knew about.



I’ve written about the tea and chocolate room in our house. When on vacation in Asheville, N.C. a few years ago, we went to Chocolate Fetish, a magnificent chocolate shop. My husband bought me a chocolate “glass” slipper with purple hearts and I bought him quite the assortment of delectable treats. We visited there every day and have even ordered special gifts from them since then.

The shop has a unique display in the center of the room. It’s a huge table scape of an ocean floor. Every single thing in it is made of chocolate; the sand, the shells, the fish, the rocks, everything, except for one real shell. There is a sign inviting shoppers to determine which shell is real. My husband fell in love with it and has talked about it ever since.


Fast forward to Valentine’s Day. I had been squirreling away items for a small version of his chocolate ocean. I bought the smallest size fish tank, a cover, and various chocolate items with which to fill it. Then I decided it would be so much more fun if we did it together, rather than working on it myself and presenting it to him. What a gift that was for me!

He loved what I gathered and we set about creating a centerpiece for our tea table. I said, “We should do something that reflects our home.” I love the beach but we don’t live near one and don’t have a nautical theme in our decor. So we brainstormed and I said, “We should do a cool garden theme, with features like those in my fairy garden!” And so our chocolate fairy garden was born. We decided to make most things chocolate, but we also used other elements, including tea and coffee. After all, it was our variation on a theme.


Since my husband is the sweetest man in the Universe, he was thrilled with the idea because I was. We shopped for chocolate mints wrapped in foil for stepping stones, chocolate “rocks” for landscaping, and chocolate covered sunflower seeds for gravel under the gazing ball and fire pit. I used twine to tie together cinnamon sticks for the firewood. It was like playing the game “Operation,” reaching into the tank to arrange the tiny objects without knocking everything over.

We spent the day mindfully hunting and gathering, ate lunch at our son’s cafe, talked about where we’d put what, and then spent the rest of the evening carrying out our design. We encountered many moments of inspiration. We plan to surprise each other by adding little seasonal elements throughout the year.


The one act of mindfully celebrating my triumph last week, instead of just returning to work, has continued the celebration. We both took a break from technology for the whole day and night. We laughed and thoroughly enjoyed each other’s company and ideas. We took progression photos of the fairy garden and texted them to our kids. Most importantly, we created “forever” memories.


So please, do something this week that allows you to be mindful and present with someone you love. Create some “forever” memories. Do share them with us so that we can celebrate your joy as well.

Stay enchanted!

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