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FOMO Can Pull You Out of Your Mindfulness Practice

FOMO Can Pull You Out of Your Mindfulness Practice

FOMO, Fear Of Missing Out, can take you out of your mindfulness practice. This can happen by diverting your attention away from what you’ve committed to. Clients often tell me that they make plans for their wellbeing, especially at the start of a new year, and then get distracted by the next shiny thing.


Healthy Goals Sabotaged

For example, some of those healthy goals that you’ve set for yourself in this coming year can get sabotaged by the FOMO Dragons! Let’s say you’ve decided to cook healthy meals and eat at a reasonable dinner time. Then you get a call from your friend that a few friends are getting together at a local hot wings joint to schmooze, eat, and blow off steam with a beer or two.

Angel and Devil (Dragon) on Your Shoulders

Just like in the cartoons, the little angel and the little devil (aka Dragon) appear on your shoulders. The angel says to thank your friend for thinking to include you but that you’re eating healthfully and mindfully, so you’ll pass. The devil, or Dragon, yells, “FOMO!” You may actually have a panic attack thinking that they will all get together, have a rousing good time without you, eat yummy food, and bond over  beers. Next time, they might not even invite you because you didn’t go this time! FOMO wins and you lose.

Stay Strong

If you’re strong-willed, you can have your healthy meal and meet them a bit later into their meal, and bypass the beer, opting for a healthy beverage. Just in case there isn’t one, bring your own tea or water with you in your water bottle. The point is, don’t let FOMO rule your life and talk you out of your healthy decisions.

The same applies if you made a healthy goal that has you going to bed earlier, going to the gym after work, etc. Listen for FOMO Dragonspeak and don’t succumb to it.

Enchanted Breath

For this midweek’s breath, inhale and exhale deeply a few times. Shake out the tension in your body, mind, and spirit. Then spend a few minutes thinking about your FOMO Dragons. Where do they show up in your life? Breathe in resolve and exhale distraction. Ahh.

If you missed the post about setting realistic health goals for yourself, here’s the link:

Enchanted Breaths are the “ahh, the haha, and the aha! of life.”

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