Key 9: Nature

Festivals Give Us Opportunities to Be Outside in Nature

Festivals Give Us Opportunities to Be Outside

Festivals are such a treat for the senses! It’s a new month and so we begin a new focus. October is all about Enchanted Key #9-Nature. There’s much to do and see this month.

Goodbye to Summer

I always have a tough time letting go of summer. We have several family birthday celebrations in the summer, including my own. The pace is somewhat slower, the hours of light are longer and the clothing is freer, and less encumbered.


Embracing Autumn

As soon as I feel that early morning or late evening crispness in the air, I know that fall is just around the corner. I try to hold it off until I see the lineup of Fall Festivals. Festivals become my enticement into the season because they are filled with such engaging sensory experiences.

Fall Festivals

There are festivals for Oktoberfest, Art and Craft Festivals that offer unique, handmade items with which we can gift ourselves and also tuck away to give to others during the December holidays.

Visual Beauty

The majority of festivals take place in the great outdoors. The visual beauty of the fall can’t be rivaled by anything that occurs inside. The changing leaves, the depth of color in the sky, the gourds, and pumpkins naturally provide a feast of color for the eyes. Visual sensory pleasure is doubled when you add the hay bales, scarecrows, and patchwork quilts.

Auditory Beauty

While walking around a festival, I love to listen to the sounds. There is always a call from the hawks or crows that echoes above us. People chatter, excitedly, wanting to share with others what they find to be beautiful or inspiring. There is often the crunch of leaves that have already fallen and have become brittle.

Olfactory Beauty

The smells of a festival often include the smoky scent of food being cooked over a fire pit, the first mulled hot apple cider of the season, and the inevitable fragrance of patchouli, with its heady musky scent. Spices of cinnamon in the dipped brooms and the scent of apple pies with nutmeg are in the air.

Tastes of all of the comforts of home are present. The scents bring us to our places of comfort and the tastes ready us for the holiday season ahead.

Textural Beauty

The textures of the season are rich in fibers of hemp, jute, wool, and suede. Fallen acorns adorn the ground and knobby branches reach out from the trees.

See what festivals are in your area and put them on the calendar or you know that the Dragons will distract you away.

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