Laughter should arise...
Key 6: Humor

Father’s Day and Family Humor


Laughter should arise...

Dear Enchanted Ones,
Happy Father’s Day! We are into our exploration of Enchanted Key #6, Humor, and it’s role in our lives. This post is devoted to fun loving fathers everywhere, family humor, and its influence on you.

What was your experience with humor or laughter in your family of origin? Were you a sit-around-the-kitchen-table-and-laugh kind of family? Did you watch a special sitcom together or were you among those for whom “humor” was painful because you, or someone you loved, were a target of aggression? Even if your memories are hurtful ones, let’s bring them up to release them so that the Dragons of the Past have no hold on you.

If you have been the family scapegoat, the scars can run deep but you can alter the way you look at them. Visualize putting those hurtful experiences into a container. No longer is your body, mind, or emotions the container. Weekly, open the lid and let the angels carry the pain away. Know that those who were hurtful were that way out of their own wounds. They don’t get a free pass but you get to choose how you are treated now. It never feels good to be the butt of someone else’s joke.

I know I am fortunate to have had a happy, loving childhood, but I had friends who suffered through a different experience. They are mindful now of caring for themselves and creating loving homes, filled with opportunities for joy and laughter. I invite you to do the same.

My early memories of laughter involved being stifled so I wouldn’t aspirate spaghetti strands or mini marshmallows from my hot chocolate. Everything funny always happened at the dinner table.

Now, my husband and I, along with our children, value humor and are always trying to make each other laugh. We have our this-will-be-forever-funny stories, favorite re-enacted lines from movies, and our inside jokes. I cherish them all.

Make humor a part of your daily life!

Share one of your funny moments with us. We could all use a laugh.

Your Enchantress,

Dr. Terry Segal

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