exercise, movement, office workouts, exercise routine
Key 7: Movement

Exercise All Day. What? Try It! Get in Shape and Reduce Stress

Exercise All Day. What? Try It!

Exercise All Day?  You may be asking me, “Have you gone crazy?” No. As we are getting ready to close out our month-long focus on Enchanted Key #7-Movement and move to Enchanted Key #8-Art, I want to offer you another way to exercise.

exercise, movement, office workouts, exercise routine

Mindfulness Moves

I invite you to be mindful of moving your body throughout each day. Many people are wearing Fitbits in order to track their steps, their body’s response to life, their sleep patterns, etc. Even if you don’t have one, (I don’t) you can be mindful of opportunities throughout each day to burn a few calories, stretch, and reduce stress by discharging pent-up energy in your body. That, of course, releases stress from your mind and spirit as well. Win-win.

Opportunities to Move Yourself

Whether you work from home or in a corporate office, chances are that you’re sitting at the computer for many more hours at a time than is good for you. Create a challenge for yourself to achieve eight (or more!) opportunities to exercise during the work day.

Pack Your Bags

Maybe bring a small gym bag with you to work that you can keep by your desk. Two hand weights, a jump rope, maybe a yoga mat or an exercise strap might be what works for you. Include some good workout shoes.

Plan Your Success

Got a lunch hour? Walk to a nearby park (counts as one of your exercises) and for 20 minutes, open your mat and do a few stretches. Then enjoy your lunch. Set an alarm so that the last five minutes of every hour, you do a few squats or jumping jacks. Perhaps you jump rope or hula hoop. Do a few sets of arm lifts. Velcro your ankle weights on and knock off a few leg lifts. Run up and down a couple of flights of stairs. Do gentle seated back stretches at your chair. First hold the chair back and gently twist in one direction, hold it while you breath in and out for a count of 4, and then release and twist in the opposite direction. Ab crunches can happen in traffic. Hold your core muscles in at red lights until the light turns green.

Spread the Word

Maybe start this challenge in your office so that everyone is doing it. You could keep a chart in the common area and compete for a prize! (As if being in shape and more productive at work isn’t enough.)

Stay in shape and stay enchanted!

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