Art Enchantment Fireside Fridays Key 8: Art

Opportunities for Enchantment Abound!


Opportunities for Enchantment Abound! Do you know how good teachers inspire students to surpass them? I experienced that proud moment this week and wish to send a shout out to one of our fellow Enchanted Journeyers, Lory Weber!

Through a ridiculous occurrence last week, I sustained a foot injury that is already healing well, but requires me to wear one of those incredibly ugly orthopedic shoes for protection while it heals fully over the next month.


remember to play-toffee

What happened? Embarrassing as it is to report, I was playing fetch with our dog, sweet, 64 lb. rescue, lab-mix, Toffee, in the hallway. I kicked her toy with my bare foot and she ran to get it and bring it to me several times, to do all over again. The last time, it took a turn and bounced to the side. At full speed and range of motion, I attempted to kick it where it HAD been and, instead, kicked the doorway. Four toes went straight ahead, while my pinky toe stayed in the bedroom. OUCH. Luckily it didn’t snap off and stay in there.


After icing it, treating with homeopathics and taping it for a day and a half, I went to our orthopedic doctor to have x-rays done of my very swollen, purple and blue toe and surrounding ligaments. To everyone’s surprise, it was not broken. All of it is just very badly bruised.


What does this have to do with Featured Journeyer, Lory Weber you ask? I happened to see her and the first thing she said was that she couldn’t believe I hadn’t “bedazzled” the ugly orthopedic shoe!

OMG!!! Last year when our college-age daughter broke her foot while home over Thanksgiving break, I painted her entire cast in a winter snow scene, complete with pine trees and moose. But Your Enchantress didn’t even think of embellishing the shoe until Lory suggested it!


don't miss opportunities for enchantment

How enchanting! I decided to paint it instead of using jewels because I have to sleep in it as well and didn’t want to inadvertently bedazzle Toffee and my husband during the night. But what a fabulous (and almost missed) opportunity to create enchantment where there clearly was none.

I was traveling this weekend and had this post scheduled for September 2nd but WordPress didn’t send it out! Meanwhile, I had to have a wheelchair at the airport so my painted shoe was elevated for the world to see. People were so kind to offer such lovely comments. Both men and women and even a few small children looked at my foot and then smiled at me. It was very enchanting.


So THANK YOU, Lory, for being a FABULOUS Enchanted Journeyer! I am grateful.

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