Enchanted Breaths

Enchanted Breaths from Your Place of Peace

File-Apr-20,-9-06-25-AMDear Enchanted Journeyers,

Raise your hand if you made your bed today. High five if you did!

You’ll soon see how cleanliness positively impacts your mood. In the meantime, we’re using Enchanted Key #4-Sensory Experiences, to improve our quality of life.

Let’s change it up! Instead of taking your enchanted breath in your cubicle at work, the executive washroom, or the dentist’s office, imagine that you’re in your snuggly bed, but that it’s no longer in your bedroom!

“What??? How enchanting is that,” you say!

So before we breathe, where will you put your bed? Get creative. Will it land in the middle of a lavender field in Provence? Maybe it’s in a log cabin in front of a fireplace and a window where you can watch the snowfall. Oh, I know! How about in a botanical garden’s Butterfly House or in the woods during fall with leaves whipping around you in the wind?

All right. NOW, stretch out on it and take in a few lung-expanding breaths inward and exhale. What season is it? What time of day? Tense all of the muscles in your body and then release.

Experience the ahh.

Just be still and enjoy your expansive place of peace.

Enchanted Breaths are the “ahh, the haha and the aha! of life.”

Please post a comment on The Enchanted Blog to tell us where your bed is!

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