Enchanted Breaths with Dr. Terry Segal
Enchanted Breaths

Enchanted Breaths in the Dark Space of Night

File Apr 27, 10 26 12 AMDear Enchanted Journeyers, are you feeling like a bee in a swarm right now? Break away because it’s time for your enchanted breath. In fact, let’s imagine entering the stillness and tranquility of the dark space of night for a few moments.

It doesn’t matter if there is light and sound all around you. The lights and daily sounds that blast your senses have been turned off. It’s just you and the star-filled sky. Rest deeply into that quiet, peaceful space. You’re safe and protected as you envision the depth of the midnight blue black sky. Maybe you hear crickets chirping or tree frogs singing, or perhaps there is simply the hush of silence.

Release your tension to Mother Earth and let her transform it into something beautiful. Drop your shoulders and to-do list, along with your worries and stress. Melt the tension out of your body and away from you.

This is you at your core. This is you, at your essence. This is the way you’re intended to be.


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