Enchanted Breaths

Enchanted Breaths at the top of Yosemite’s Clouds Rest

This is the top of Yosemite’s Clouds Rest. Our youngest daughter climbed up there with her boyfriend and his family. Imagine that you went with them and were sitting at the top of the world.

Enchanted Breaths at Yosemite National ParkIt’s a good place to take your mid-week enchanted breath, don’t you think? I think it’s spectacularly tranquil. While it would not be my thing to actually climb up there, I certainly can appreciate the beauty in the photograph.

Step into it with me and take a deep, deep, breath of what I can only guess is the purest, cleanest air. Notice the cloud formation. See the expansive, cerulean sky.

What sounds might you hear way up there? Let silence wash over you. Feel the non-polluted air move in and out of your nostrils with the rhythm of your breath.

Taste the crisp air. Feel the textures of the terrain beneath you. Be still and silent for a few moments in the glory of nature.

Return, refreshed.

All the serenity without any of the sweat.


Enchanted Breaths are the “ahh, the haha, and the aha! of life.”


*Image note: The Pink and Purple image of Yosemite is of Half Dome and the image of Yosemite’s Cloud’s Rest was taken by Sage Segal and Aaron Noll.

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