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Solar Eclipse 2017: Was It Good For You? Marvel at the Experience!

Solar Eclipse 2017: Was It Good For You?

Solar Eclipse. The aftermath is the focus of our Enchanted Breath this week. I know we’re paying attention to Enchanted Key #7-Movement this month, but when there’s a monumental event that we’ve just experienced, I feel the need to connect with you about it.

Call me Pollyanna. Call me the Eternal Optimist, but when we, as a nation, share something non-political, non-religious, and truly awe-inspiring, I think it deserves some mention. It shouldn’t just be “on to the next event!” We haven’t shared a total solar eclipse that just spanned the U.S. since the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776!!! They were masons and all about astronomy and astrology and such. The partial eclipse of 1812 involved other countries so it doesn’t count in quite the same way.


Marvel at the Experience

Now for how we view the event. (I can feel Enchanted Key #2-Altered Perceptions, working its way into this post.) How about that it was awesome? As in “full of awe!” Following the eclipse, I heard people judging it like it was an episode of Game of Thrones or a new hit single. “Meh, I’ll give it a 3 because I can’t dance to it.” WHAT? This was an amazing phenomenon! I heard people say they were “disappointed” because they thought it was going to be completely dark out as if it were night. I admit that I thought that as well but I’m not going to disrespect the magnitude of the eclipse due to my own ignorance of how it works.

Someone else said, “It didn’t last very long.” One man said, “It just looked like a cloud cover after a hurricane.” After that, I made it my business to eavesdrop on everyone to hear their comments. Most were disappointed in some way! Not on TV, however. The coverage there was enthusiastic and inspired.

Have we become so jaded and difficult to thrill that we can turn our noses up at something like this? I hope not! Let’s use our Enchanted Breath this week to zero in on the magnitude of this event.

Enchanted Breath

Take a deep and energizing breath in. Let the power of solar energy fill your lungs and then exhale. Take another full breath of sun-fueled, masculine and yang-filled energy, hold it at the top, and then release it.

Now breathe in a feminine, yin breath of moon energy. Release it. Let the flow of your breath comfort you like a blanket in the darkness. Again, breathe in yin and release.

Offer a moment of recognition and gratitude for having been witness to something historical. Let yourself feel humbled by the forces of Mother Nature. Ahh. You’ve been a part of something enchanting.

Enchanted Breaths are the “ahh the haha, and the aha! of life.”


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