Key 4: Sensory Experiences

Eat Mindfully: Savor the Sensory Experiences of Mealtimes

Eat Mindfully: Savor the Sensory Experiences of Mealtimes

Eat Mindfully. Do you think you don’t have time for that? You do. Meals are not the moments in which you want to multi-task. Remember that multi-tasking is not all it’s cracked up to be. Each time we have to toggle our brains to switch back and forth, we lose something. There’s lag time and the processing is compromised. (Refer to my archived blog post about this.)


Honor Your Body

When you eat mindfully, you’re honoring your body. You’re no longer throwing down a bag of potato chips and three cupcakes while you’re making your kale and quinoa salad. You view your precious body as the amazing blend of muscles, nerves, bones and finely-tuned machinery that it is. You become aware that you’re in charge of what goes into it and how.

Enjoy the Sensory Experiences of Eating

Quantity of food really isn’t what makes it enchanting. It’s the visual beauty of what’s on your plate, the scents associated with the meal, as well as the pleasing memories from when you’ve eaten that before. The taste is certainly important and the textures add novelty and interest. The place setting and location of your dining can enhance the experience.

Enchanted Breath

Since we’re on our month-long focus of Enchanted Key #4-Sensory Experiences, let’s take a moment to drop the tension accumulated so far this week and put some systems into place that can be practiced. (Do this for 21 days and you’ll likely have significantly altered your habits!)

Read through this exercise and then close your eyes and take a deep and cleansing breath, in through your nose and out through your mouth. Repeat. Shake loose the tension from your muscles and nerves.

The Setting

Select a healthy food that you enjoy eating to focus on for this exercise in how to eat mindfully. Imagine yourself eating it in a glorious setting. You might envision a picnic in the lavender fields of Provence or on the edge of the shore at your favorite beach.


Zero in on the visual experience of the food. Are the colors and textures varied? Are you imagining eating it on beautiful plates or with your fingers?


Does your food crunch when you bite into it? Are you aware of it swishing inside of your mouth, like watermelon? Does it pop when your fork goes through it, like pea pods?


Inhale the scent of your food. What does it smell like? What emotions are conjured for you as you recall the fragrance of this food?


What does your food taste like? Savor the experience as you imagine eating it. Yum.


Observe the varied textures of your food in this vision. Maybe you’re picturing a warm bowl of chili, with the meat, beans, and vegetables peeking up through the thick tomato-based sauce. The crusty edge of your slice of the French baguette may soften as it’s dipped into the chili. What textures does your food possess?

Practice,  Practice, Practice

Gently open your eyes and note the experience for you. Your challenge is to practice this at each meal. Up the ante by making healthy choices and learn to slow down and appreciate the sensory experiences of learning to eat mindfully.

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Enchanted Breaths are the “ahh, the haha, and the aha! of life.”

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