The December Dragons of Stress Are Lurking

The December Dragons of Stress are lurking. Outsmart them.


Dear Enchanted Journeyers,


Welcome to Dragon month! How perfect is it to heighten your Dragon awareness in December? It’s one of the most stressful months of the year. Doesn’t have to be, but that’s me talking, not your Dragons. They will make you stressed, if you aren’t already.


Some of the most popular Dragons of the season are the Dragons of Time Management, Over-Spending, Over-Eating, Over-Working, Over-Everything. There are Dragons of Stress, Self-Esteem, Relationships and for every should-be happy moment, there is a Den of Dragons just waiting to squelch your enchantment.


So, to kick off Dragon Awareness month, let’s do a quick survey.

  1. Which Dragons are chasing you right now?
  2. Are these familiar Dragons or new ones for you?
  3. What circumstances invited these Dragons?
  4. Journal about their Dragon chatter.
  5. What can you do to take back your power over them?


Since I’m not exempt from Dragons chasing me, I’ll go first.

  1. The People-pleasing Dragons and the Dragons of Perfectionism
  2. Very familiar.
  3. I’m preparing my art for holiday bazaars I’m participating in this month.
  4. The Dragons of People-pleasing and Perfectionism chatter to me: “You’d better make that in several colors in case they don’t like the sample color.” “You shouldn’t make just one kind of art. You should use many forms and perfect them so no one is disappointed.” “You should keep tweaking and adding inventory right up until the event.”
  5. Remind myself that people are more flexible and accommodating than Dragons give them credit for. That I know everything I’ve made is infused with love and enchantment and I hold that sacred. That adding more and more last minute will only exhaust me prior to the event. Reassure myself that there are those who will cherish my art and some whose tastes are different and neither is a reflection of my worthiness. All is well. My head and heart are in the right place.

Take back your power, now, before they get their claws into you!

Stay enchanted.

It’s the way out of stress.

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