Key 2: Altered Perceptions

Dragon Chatter Robs You of Feeling Beautiful

Dragon Chatter Robs You of Feeling Beautiful

Dragon Chatter is the critical noise inside of your head that fills you with doubt about how beautiful you are. I like to think of the inner critic as a Dragon so that your formidable challenger has a size, shape, and hue assigned to make him/her recognizable to you. Then you know who you are redirecting so that all of the Dragon power can be harnessed for goodness.


Enchanted Breath

Let’s use this week’s Enchanted Breath to get to know this steadfast opponent. Take a deep and cleansing breath in, filling your lungs all the way to the edges. Hold for a second or two and slowly and evenly, release your breath on the exhale. Every last bit of it. Repeat two to three times.

As you focus your attention on your breath moving in and out of your body, invite your muscles and nerves to relax, release, and smooth out. Sit quietly and consider some of the ways in which you (uh, of course I mean your Critical Dragon) deliver criticism of your sweet self.

Defining Dragon Chatter

Do you think or speak to yourself in a negative way? For example, do you say, “Oh, I’m so stupid!” Are you mostly critical of your physical appearance, the way you communicate, your performance of tasks, etc.? Do you call yourself names? Is humor misused to tear yourself down before anyone else can?

Notice how tense your body becomes as you explore this issue. Breathe into the tension and return to calm again. Please stop beating yourself up. Turn off the Dragon Chatter. You don’t deserve it.

Shift Your Focus To Your Beauty

If you read Sunday’s Enchanted Blog post about What Makes You Beautiful, then shift your focus to all of the things that make you beautiful. If you haven’t, then here’s the link:  

Sit quietly with your beauty and offer gratitude for it, whether it’s quirky or classic.

Breathe in shining beauty. Exhale criticism until all of the negative has dissipated. When Dragons appear, and they will, take a deep breathe in and blow them out of your way.

Enchanted Breaths are the “ahh, the haha, and the aha! of life.”

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