Key 3: Journaling

Discharge Negative Energy Through the Practice of Journaling

Discharge Negative Energy Through Journaling

Discharge negative energy through Enchanted Key #3, Journaling, in this new month. I’ll share with you various ways to journal around the theme of one-word prompts. This will help you create a journaling practice of clearing yourself on a regular basis.


Use All of The Enchanted Keys

Negative energy can build up in your body, mind, spirit, and emotions as the Dragons stockpile it. Remember that  any of the Enchanted Journey practices can help you release it and keep the vessel of your sweet self, clear. The Enchanted Keys include: mindfulness, altered perceptions, journaling, sensory experiences, reduced clutter, humor, movement, art, nature, and meditation.


Journaling is a writing meditation. As you let go of angst, fears, feelings of vulnerability, etc. that are lodged inside of you, you release stress and tension. Negative buildup from toxic fears resulting from the violence in the world feels like it’s at an all-time high. As you write, draw, or doodle on the page, you’re releasing the negative energy.

One Word Prompt

Here is your one-word prompt for today. Wednesday I’ll give you another one, so that you’ll have a couple of prompts per week. In your journal, or on a piece of paper, write with your dominant hand, whatever comes to mind regarding the word.


Safety is today’s word. No need to think about it. Just put pen to paper and have at it. If you feel stuck, however, then just begin to write with what the word means to you. “Safety means…” can be your streamlined start. Keep writing until you feel complete. On another day, you might include what, or who, made you feel safe as a child. Maybe you’d like to use this word all week. The next day, write about what makes you feel safe today. Consider what thoughts or actions will help you feel safe going forward. Are you thoughts about safety the same today as they were 5-10 years ago? Just discharge all of the negative energy through your pen. This makes space for positive and empowering energy to emerge on the page.

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