Key 3: Journaling

Daydreams Become Real Through This Journaling Prompt


“How can I turn my daydreams into reality through journaling,” you ask? I’ll tell you as we explore another use of Enchanted Key #3-Journaling.



This has always been one of my favorite journaling exercises. It’s called My Enchanted Day. It begins with a brief meditation in which you step into your daydreams to envision your perfect, enchanted day. Then, it moves to a journaling exercise that maps out all of the elements that would be included in your daydreams into reality day.


These are the steps:

1-Quiet yourself, close your eyes and take a few deep and rhythmic breaths. Exhale fully after each one and let your body relax.

2-Picture your perfect enchanted day, if you could orchestrate it. (Because you can!) How would you like the day to begin? What is your location, the temperature, and setting? Are you there alone or with others? What foods do you eat, activities do you engage in, what happens mid-day, and at day’s end?

3-Utilize the Enchanted Key to Sensory Experiences to consider the overlay of sights, sounds, smells, tastes and textures of your special day. Bring as much detail as possible to the experience in your mind.

4-Open your eyes and write it all down. You can sketch images in the margin or even cut out magazine photos or words to make a vision poster for your enchanted day.

5-This step is key. Select a date (or several dates) on the calendar on which to gift yourself with your enchanted day! You can envision one a month if you would like to accept this challenge.


Before your Dragons can thwart your fun, let me address one of their nay-saying ramblings. “You can’t do everything you want to do or go wherever you want to go.” True, that you may not be able to actually experience each part of your daydream in reality, but you can certainly come close. Let’s say your perfect, Enchanted Day involves going to Italy for the afternoon. Unless you have a private Hyperloop, it may not be feasible, but you can imagine what you might do if you were in Italy. Replace the travel abroad with a trip to your favorite Italian restaurant or art gallery, depending upon what you would like to create.

There are so many possibilities. It’s fun to stretch your imagination. One year, on vacation with my family for my birthday, I realized at the end of the day, that it had been the dreams into reality day that I had journaled about two or three years prior.


My day began with painting with watercolors on the beach at sunrise, alone for a few hours, before being joined by my family. After, we shared a delicious lunch of cold salads, fruits, and chocolate chip cookies I had baked in the condo and brought out to share on the blanket near the water’s edge. In late afternoon, we went on a long walk to the ice cream parlor, enjoyed yummy ice cream, and then walked back. I read during the afternoon, under our beach tent, and then played in the waves. We enjoyed a delicious seafood meal at a restaurant and took another walk in the moonlight, afterward. Then we listened to the band playing in a hut on the beach, and had tea before turning in for the night. We drifted off to dreamtime with the sound of the crashing waves lulling us to sleep. Enchanting.


It would be fun to do the exercise and then give it to your friends or family to gift you with on your birthday. They’d have fun trying to create it and you’d get to experience it. It would also be awesome to make it happen on an ordinary non-eventful day on the calendar and turn it into an epic memory-maker.  You get to decide what your daydreams into reality moment turns into.

Want to share what your Enchanted Day looks like? We’d love to hear about it.

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