Holidays Key 6: Humor

Dad’s Influence on You As We Celebrate Father’s Day

Dad’s Influence on You As We Celebrate Father’s Day:

Dad’s influence is part of who you are, good or bad. Happy Father’s Day! The theme of the day is Daddies. We’ve all come from one. Some of us have or had close, bonded relationships, while others experienced strife. Women have chosen men in their lives that mirror either the cherishing, nurturing nature of their fathers, or partners who repeated the abuse.

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Positive Father Figures

Whatever your relationship with your actual father, there are positive father figures that we all have. Maybe you are a father figure to someone. Think about the qualities of a good Daddy. Strong. Kind. Responsible. Wise. A good provider. You don’t even have to be male to be a Daddy figure. Many Moms are single parenting and playing both roles.

Things I Learned From My Dad

My Dad was a terrific father, and I was Daddy’s girl. He taught me many important things, both physical skills and what matters in life. Having been a Sergeant in the Army, he made sure that I knew how to make a tight bed, shine my shoes, change the tires on the car, mow the lawn, and barbecue food on the grill, so I’d never have to depend on someone else to do those things.

He used to say, “Your word is your bond.” He also told me that people should “never let the sun set on their anger.” He was a strong believer in going to bed in a state of peace. Dad drank a lot of water and insisted that we stay hydrated but not drink liquids during our meals. That has proven to be a sound digestion tip.

Sweet Memories of Daddy

After his military service, he became a window repairman because he loved to work with his hands. His busiest time of year was during hurricane season in Florida. When I couldn’t sleep as a child, or if I were ill, he got up during the night and we would waltz. I stood on his feet and we danced. When I was finally sleepy, he’d pick me up and I’d rest my head on his shoulder until I couldn’t keep my eyes open. He’d gently place me in my bed, pull the covers up to my chin and tuck me in at the corners. A Daddy kiss planted on my forehead sealed the night.

My Dad is a blessed memory now. He left a huge void, but also a legacy of love, when he passed away when I was only 22 years old. I still celebrate him every Father’s Day and think of him each day.

As I remember my Dad, I also celebrate my husband, the father of my children. I married a man with many qualities of my Dad. He works hard, loves sports, is involved with every aspect of the family, and loves us with all of his heart.

Dads of All Kinds

I looked online to see how others are celebrating their fathers and was surprised to see the variety of Dads categorized into gift-giving groups: There were outdoors Dads, coffee Dads, wine Dads, fishermen, cigar smokers, gourmands, computer geek Dads, gamers, movie buffs, NASCAR fans, sports Dads, academic Dads and the DIYers. That’s not even a full list.

The Impact of Your Dad

Today, consider what categories your Dad fits into and how that has influenced your life. Especially since we’re focusing on Enchanted Key #6-Humor this month, think about what made your Dad laugh. Note the impact of that, as well.

Celebrate Dad energy in its best form and stay enchanted!

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