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Control: Where We Have Some and Where We Don’t

Control. It’s an odd thing to consider because usually it’s the fear of losing it that heightens our awareness. It seems rare to experience times in which we say, “Hey, I’ve got control of the world today.”


Natural Disasters

Nothing like natural disasters to make us feel out of control. In the devastating wake of Hurricane Harvey is Hurricane Irma, threatening to unleash her own fury. I grew up in southern Florida and so many of my friends still live there. I’ve been speaking to several of them in the past few days and addressing this topic of control.

I had long moved out-of-state when Hurricane Andrew had hit, back in 1993. Of course, six months later, my family and I were at the epicenter of the Northridge, California earthquake. Control wasn’t something I experienced for quite a while, following that event.

Empowerment vs. Collapse

Here’s what to ask yourself, no matter what situation has left you vulnerable. What am I in control of and what am I not in control of? With regard to hurricanes, we’re clearly not in charge of the degree of the impact. But if you collapse into fear and despair, you’ll be even less likely to care for yourself and others when the going gets really tough. What we are in charge of is empowering ourselves by doing everything possible that we can address in advance and readjusting to, in the aftermath.

We can:

create a safe room or make plans to evacuate

make plans to secure our homes

have natural disaster kits in place, with food, water, clothing, etc. in case of emergencies

make sure flashlights work and that there’s gas in the car

have an emergency battery-operated radio so we can stay current with the conditions

store our supplements/medication for ourselves and our families, including our pets in a waterproof container

Most importantly, we can keep forcing ourselves to feel empowered to take action, whether it’s before, during, or after the storm.

For this week’s Enchanted Breath, which we need in these stressful times more than ever, get clear on what you need in order to weather an emergency of any kind. Be prepared.

Enchanted Breath

Take a deep and cleansing breath in and exhale fully and audibly through your mouth, expelling all of the fear and stagnant qi from your lungs. Another deep breath in and release. Imagine a strong wind pushing the fear out of your body. Envision encapsulating yourself inside of a bubble.

Take a few moments to determine what you need to have with you and what actions you can take if  disaster should strike. Material things, after all, are not worth saving if in doing so, your life is endangered.

Return your attention to the present and take actions, holding in mind what you are and are not in control of.

Be safe.

Enchanted Breaths are the “ahh, the haha, and the aha! of life.”

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