Key 7: Movement

Competitive Spirit? You Can Be Free From It in Yoga Class

Competitive Spirit? You Can Be Free From It in Yoga Class

Competitive by nature? That’s just fine. We’re honoring Enchanted Key #7-Movement, and our own best practices for improved health. In yoga class, however, we get to be free of our competitive edge. Thankfully, there isn’t room for ego or competition, unless you are pushing to improve your own personal best.

Your Focus in Yoga Class

Maybe you’re reaching for greater flexibility in your muscles. Perhaps you desire to tame those Dragons chasing you around when you try to quiet your mind and body. You may be healing yourself from an injury or striving to increase your range of motion.


Keep Your Eyes on Your Own Mat

One of my yoga instructors always invites her class to, “Keep your eyes on the four corners of your mat.” This is a great reminder to stay focused on your individual practice and goals, without comparing yourself to the people in the room.

Competitive Nature Elsewhere

Competitive nature may have you running on a treadmill and looking at the person’s stats next to you. Are they running faster, at a higher elevation, and burning more calories? Maybe that spurs you on to do more, be better, work harder, but in yoga class, it’s a whole other ballgame.

Union of Mind & Body

I love the Zen practice of union between the mind and body during yoga. Yoga class becomes a microcosm of the greater world, outside of the locked yoga room door, once class begins. What you learn about yourself on the mat, applies to how you live your life off the mat.

Balance of Yin/Yang

Balancing yin/yang energy is important. Yin is the feminine expression of surrendering energy that is soft, still, and introspective. Yang embodies the masculine expression of force and movement, that builds heat and fire in the belly. We need to do both.

Perks of Yoga

Yoga offers many perks that go beyond the physical body. Where there is greater flexibility in body, there is also suppleness in spirit. Awareness of breath and where it is held, released, and intentionally expanded, makes us conscious of breath in times of stress. That offers us the choice to establish a new default when we find ourselves panting from the impact of things we can’t control.

Is Yoga For You?

Rather than deciding that yoga isn’t for you, why don’t you consider giving it a try? There are so many forms of yoga from which to choose. Check them out and see which one can assist you in redirecting those powerful Dragons of Stress.

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