Key 8: Art

Colors In Your Closet and Decor Affect Your Mood

Colors In Your Closet and Decor

Colors that are in your closet and decor close out our month-long focus on Enchanted Key #8-Art. Next month we’ll be fully into Enchanted Key #9-Nature. Ahh.


Your Favorite Color Palette

But for our Enchanted Breath today, take a moment to consider your wardrobe and the surroundings in your home. Your favorite colors are typically represented in the clothing you wear, and in the accent colors you choose for your cookware, pillows, curtains, wall paint, etc.

So take a minute to reflect on your color palette. Has it changed over the years? Are the colors in your closet and home still those that bring you joy, or peace, or affect your mood in some way? What do your colors say about you?

The Colors You Avoid

Is there a color that isn’t represented anywhere in your scheme? What would happen if you added that color? Maybe you only get one shirt or accessory in that absent color, or perhaps you add a handful of flowers or natural elements in that color. See how that affects you or journal about why you choose not to do that at all.

Color definitely evokes an emotional response.

Enchanted Breath

It’s time for our midweek Enchanted Breath. For this one, select your favorite color. Close your eyes and picture that color as if it’s spiraling in front of you. It may be a particular shade of that color. Really bring it into focus.

Now, breathe in that color, allowing it to fill you and billow all around you. Exhale. Once again, breathe in that color, slowly, and release.

Wrapping Yourself in Color

Imagine that you are wrapping yourself in that perfect shade. Start at your feet and sweep them with the hue. Continue up your legs, loosely or tight, however you prefer to envision it. Watch it as it swirls up around your hips, belly, up toward your chest and continues around your back. Let it wrap around your shoulders, neck, and head. Each movement of the color washing you in deep joy and relaxation.


Carry that feeling forward, into the rest of your week.

Enchanted Breaths are the “ahh, the haha, and the aha! of life.”

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