clutter, hoarding, disorganization, tidying,
Key 5: Reduced Clutter

Clutter Needs Clearing From the Physical, Mental, and Emotional Planes

Clutter Needs Clearing From the Physical, Mental, and Emotional Planes

Clutter doesn’t only exist in your physical space. Your life can become cluttered in many other ways as well. It’s important to pay attention to developing a scanning system that alerts you to objects and habits that are clogging your life as they happen.

clutter, hoarding, disorganization, tidying,

Warning Signs

You know how the newer cars alert you if there is an object in your driving path that may be in your blind spot? The warning goes off and you stop and then observe the block and remove it. We need one of those for the clutter in each of our bodies (physical, mental, and emotional.)

Your Physical Space

Let’s take a moment to consider what your specific warning signs are for each of these, when they begin to get cluttered. Think about the physical space in your home. What room always becomes the catch-all for everyone’s stuff? Analyze the reason. Is it because there isn’t a system in place? Are there members of the family that aren’t aware of the systems if there is a system in place? Does one designated person take all of the responsibility for cleaning and reorganizing? Each member of the family over the age of 3 is able to help and needs to develop a sense of pride of the home. If the reward for the reduction of clutter isn’t enough, by itself, then by all means put up a star chart and offer appropriate rewards for chore completion.

Your Mental Space

You know what I’m talking about. Your mind can feel like a too-full message box. Here we need a MESSAGE BOX FULL sign for our minds so others don’t ask us to think about one more thing when the space hasn’t been emptied with restorative sleep and the completion of tasks.

Your Emotional Space

When we feel restricted or congested with too much, even of a “good thing,” it affects our emotions. Emotional clutter makes us irritable and anxious. Do you have conversations that need to happen with someone that you’ve been avoiding? Are there actions that need to be taken that you don’t want to face? Fodder for emotional clutter.

Reduced Clutter

Enchanted Key #5 is our month-long focus so we’ll roll up our sleeves, together, and make headway. We may not be able to eliminate the Dragons of Clutter, but we can certainly reduce them.

Stay enchanted.


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