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Key 3: Journaling

Clear Space To Manifest What’s Next on Your Wish List

Clear Space to Manifest What’s Next on Your Wish List

Clear space to manifest what’s next on your wish list. This is what happens after you let go of what’s been holding you back. Sunday, we took a look at what’s been in your way. If you missed it, here’s the link:

clear space-manifest goals-create-visualize

What’s Getting Cleared Out?

Do you have to remove blocks in your body, mind, spirit or emotions? Are there physical goals you wish to set for yourself? Are there self-limiting thoughts or beliefs standing in the way of what you desire? Do you feel disconnected from a source greater than yourself? Are you in need of releasing fear, sadness, or anger, in order to create space within yourself?


Let’s use this midweek Enchanted Breath to clear space. Take a few deep and cleansing breaths in and out, clearing away tension. Make this a journaling exercise and open to a fresh page on which to flow your thoughts.


  1. Write down one thing that you desire to be or achieve.
  2. Now write a bit about what’s been in the way of achieving that.
  3. What feelings have been in the way? (mad, sad, glad, scared)
  4. What’s the reason you want to do, have, or be this?
  5. What will be different about you once you achieve it?
  6. If all of the negativity surrounding it were removed, what feelings and thoughts would you mindfully invite in?
  7. What’s the next step toward achieving your desire?


Take a few moments to visualize yourself as if you were already three months past achieving your goal. How does it feel? What have you discovered about yourself?

As If

Notice all the ways that you’d be different from the way you were before. Embrace and fine-tune them and begin to act, each day, as if you have already achieved what you desire. Take actions that move you in the direction of your intentions.

This week closes out our month-long focus on Enchanted Key #3, Journaling. We’ll be moving into a month of Enchanted Key #4, Sensory Experiences next.

Enchanted Breaths are the “ahh, the haha, and the aha! of life.”

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