Clear Space Now in Your Home and Head-Make Way For the New

Clear Space Now in Your Home and Head

Clear space in your home and head is an invitation to make some room in your life for the new. The holidays are a perfect time to clear space in your physical world because, in all likelihood, you’ll be adding a few new items to your life. Making room and letting go of something taking up space that you don’t love, wear, or use, allows the new item a grander welcome.


Let it Go

We are all creatures of habit. Depending upon the age of your parents, you may have been taught to hang on to things if they’re still usable or in good condition. Those things, however, may not match your preferences or size anymore. Like the lyrics of the song from the popular Disney movie, Frozen, it’s time to “let it go.”

Only things that you love or serve a useful purpose for you should be kept. I specify “you,” because people often keep things “just in case” someone else may need them one day. It’s like having a guest room that is reserved for guests that only come for a week, once a year. The energy becomes stagnant and is wasted the rest of the 51 weeks if it’s picture-perfect and untouched, otherwise.

A Time of Giving

It’s not only time to clear out the old and make way for the new, but it’s a time of giving. If you feel guilty letting things go, think of what a waste it is to keep things you don’t use. You could give them to someone who will be grateful to receive them. Pass your outgrown or gently worn winter coats, hats, scarves and gloves along to others. A shelter or other organizations collect items to distribute to those in need.

Clear Your Head

While you take time to clear space in your closet and home, remember to clear your head. You may be holding on to outdated ideas, plans, or conversations that don’t serve you to keep on repeat. Let them go as well and make space for new ideas, projects, relationships and ways to work and enjoy your time off. It’s a great way to start the new year.

Whatever you do, have fun, be safe, make space, and create some enchanting memories.

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