Key 5: Reduced Clutter

Clear Mental Clutter: A Journaling “Exorcise” To Clear It Out

Clear Mental Clutter

Clear mental clutter and feel like you’ve had a spa day, got new glitter pens, and went dancing in some sassy shoes. Dear Enchanted Journeyers, we know the Dragons of Stress get in. This week, let’s pay attention to the specific areas in YOUR life in which they stay alive and thrive! Then we can focus on getting them out and redirecting them to work for you. We don’t want to slay them because they have wonderful, powerful energy to be harnessed and used for good.

Internal Dragons

Often the Inner Critical Dragon breathes fire on your self-esteem. Your negative, scorched thoughts may relate to your physical appearance, knowledge, (or lack thereof), relationships, skills, life-experience or other categories in which you diminish or berate yourself in comparison to others.

External Dragons

Dragons may be external, as well. Is there a particular person or situation that challenges you, clouds your thinking, takes you off balance? Perhaps it is an illness, the weather, an authority figure, someone you thought was a friend, or some other aspect of life that you’re not in charge of consciously creating.

Clear Mental Clutter Journaling Exercise

Let’s get you in touch with what is cluttering your thoughts, and likely your emotions as well, so that you know what you want to change.

Quiet yourself to track your thoughts. Read through the prompt for each Enchanted Key, meditate on it, and then write your response as a journaling exercise. You might do this in one sitting, or make it the focus of your week.

Noisy Dragons

What Dragon is chasing you around right now?

Is this a familiar Dragon?

How have you dealt with this Dragon in the past? (what worked, what didn’t?)

What have you learned about yourself from your dealings with this Dragon?

Which Enchanted Keys can you apply to this Dragon for a favorable outcome?


-Get present to what consistently thwarts you from moving forward, in the direction of your dreams. (If it’s another person, see who you become in the face of that “Dragon.”-We are not about changing other people.)

Altered Perceptions

-When you see the stranglehold you have on yourself, as a result of this Dragon, how can you view it differently so the altered perception releases you?


-Write down how and who you would be if the Dragon were not in your way?

Sensory Experiences

-These go a long way to bring enchantment, a rich, sensory-experience of life. What can you bring in through your senses that will allow you to feel peaceful, centered and balanced?

Reduced Clutter

-Not just on the physical plane, clutter can exist in your spirit, thoughts and emotions as well. What negative thoughts about self/others would have to clear in order for you to move out of frustration and stagnation?


-Can you take a breath and even laugh at yourself for the actions, behaviors and beliefs that you’ve held on to, unconsciously?


-Don’t let your body be the container for these negative emotions. Alter them and clear out negative remnants by getting your circulation going. This ousts Dragon energy.


– Make some Dragon art. It doesn’t have to be pretty. Write, draw, doodle or scribble what holds you back. Put it on the page and get it out of the container of your body.


-Go out into nature and take a walk or sit in a tranquil setting. Consider any or all of the questions above. Let the wind whip through your thoughts and air out your spirit.


-Go inward. See if you have used others as an excuse for why you haven’t taken action on something important to you. Consider if your dreams of the past are still your current dreams. Let yourself dream some new ones.


Free Guided Meditation

Question of the Day: What are you clearing out?


Please leave a comment about your experience with learning to clear the mental clutter that these Dragons have left behind.

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