clutter-clean-safety-elderly-mother's day
Key 5: Reduced Clutter

Clean Your Room! It’s Mother’s Day

Clean Your Room! It’s Mother’s Day

Clean your room! How many times have you heard that? Do you still have Mom’s voice in your head telling you to clean your room? No matter where she is, do you want to make Mom happy on this, the Mother’s Day? Clean your room.

We’re focusing on Enchanted Key #5-Reduced Clutter. Notice I didn’t say Elimination of Clutter? That might just be crazy talk for most people. But we can certainly reduce it without a ton of effort. I think the hardest part is getting started.

clutter-clean-safety-elderly-mother's day

Just Begin…

To get in the cleaning and clearing mode, maybe begin with clearing clutter for someone else. That doesn’t mean throwing all of their stuff away when they’re out. It means that, being less attached to someone else’s clutter, beginning the task may be easier. Always create a discard pile for them to go through. Never ignore the “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” even if it seems like an obvious choice.

Helping Others Clear Clutter

My dear mother departed this Earth plane five years ago this past week. I still miss her every day, as she was my biggest fan. In writing this, I recalled how she didn’t want me to help her clear or clean. She had kept my childhood home, and then the one that she lived in on our block after my father died, immaculate. Anyone could drop in at any time and the most that was needed was to straighten the magazines and push a chair in on the way to answering the doorbell. Mom took pride in her home and did her own cleaning until she was 91. It was then that it became necessary for me to look after her in various ways.

Aging Parents or Grandparents

Maybe you have an aging parent. Perhaps they don’t want you to clear their clutter. My mother didn’t want me to clear or clean her home. I winked at her and told her that I had a great teacher and would do a good job. As people age, their vision may become impaired and their reflexes slower than before. Another set of eyes to assist them can be a life-saver.

What to Check For

You want to scan their home for things that might cause potential accidents. This includes checking wall-to-wall carpeting that may be worn in spots, making it slippery. There might be bumps or lumps in the carpeting and having it stretched and re-tacked can take the place of a whole new carpet job. Also, area rugs need to have adhesive on their under side so they don’t slip. Check thresholds to be sure they don’t wobble or are uneven. Observe if there are tight spaces in doorways, around dining tables, and furniture, to determine if there is ample room to move, especially if a walker, wheelchair, or cane is used. Clear pathways of shoes, planters, pet food dishes, etc. Speaking of shoes, get rid of ones that no longer have traction on the bottoms of the shoe, even if the tops are still in great condition. They are hazardous.

Your Space is Next!

Help someone handle these important issues and then begin to battle your own Dragons of Clutter.

Stay  enchanted!

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