Key 5: Reduced Clutter

Cinco de Mayo and Body Clutter

Hello, Enchanted Journeyers,

Here we are in Week 18 of 2016. Are you ready for a month-long plunge into the sea of clutter? Clutter on the physical plane is probably the one with which you are most familiar, but by month’s end you’ll be sleuthing out piles of clutter inhabiting your body, mind, spirit, emotions and space, and it will be greatly reduced, leaving you feeling lighter and less stressed.

For this first of five weeks in May, we’re going to look at clutter in the body, which presents as clogged arteries, inflammation, and nasty foods ingested.

Indications of de-cluttered body space include clear, radiant skin, proper elimination of toxins, remaining hydrated, maintaining healthy nails, and shiny hair. Good nutritional choices go a long way toward creating internal enchantment.

It’s no accident that I’m kicking this off during the week of Cinco de Mayo. I realize that many of you Journeyers are always up for a fiesta! Good for you. That’s part of what makes life enchanting. In March, you were Irish, and now you’re Mexican. Vive everything, right?

Yes! But by bringing Enchanted Key #1-Mindfulness, to the party, maybe you can celebrate without polluting and cluttering yourself. I’m not just referring to the consumption of alcohol that is so drying from the inside out, but also the ingestion of queso, which is inflammatory, and fat-laden chips, which weigh you down and zap your energy. Time to call in Enchanted Keys #2 and #3, Altered Perceptions and Journaling, too.

How can you put a spin on the way you celebrate May 5th differently? I’m not suggesting wearing a pancho and eating watercress sandwiches. I’m reminding you that heightening other Sensory Experiences, Enchanted Key #4, can enhance the celebration so it’s not ONLY about the food and drink.

You can also alter the way you prepare the food. Dip raw vegetables into salsa, instead of those chips, and squeeze fresh lime into sparkling water to enjoy after your first “traditional” Margarita.

Invite the senses: Wear bright, festive colors, a sombrero, listen to lively, Mexican music, and sing. Take a calorie and fat-free inhale of the celebratory foods. Taste some in moderation or made healthier, by you. Feel the textures of the woven reeds in the hats and the threads in the garments. Think about what seeds or pods might have been inside of the original maracas you shake.

Use your beautiful mind to do a bit of research. Did you know what Cinco de Mayo celebrates? Most guess Mexico’s independence but that takes place in September. May 5th is the victory over the French and became the Battle of Puebla Day. It’s not quite the party in Mexico as it is in the U.S.A. but schools are closed in observance. California started the celebrations in the states and then popularity grew when beer companies in the 1980s hooked their product to the event. This becomes good party chat at the bar while everyone else is drinking.

So there you have it! Some Dragon-battling, thought-provoking homework to do BEFORE you set out for your fiesta. Journal about ways to change it up that extinguish the fire of your Dragons and work toward de-cluttering your sweet internal self.

Ole! Ole!

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