Key 4: Sensory Experiences

Childhood Sense-Memories That Bring You Joy

Childhood Sense-Memories That Bring You Joy

Childhood sensory experiences are the focus today. Sunday’s Enchanted Blog post, on Mother’s Day, was all about coping with stress by mothering yourself. Did you have a chance to do that or were you too busy celebrating Mom? If not, let’s use our midweek Enchanted Breath to exercise some self-love right now.

Since this month’s focus is on Enchanted Key #4 Sensory Experiences, let’s add them in. Why don’t we trip down memory lane and maybe bring some of those feel-good things from the past back in? As always, they need to be good for you in body, mind, spirit, and emotions, or we can just leave them in the past.



Think back to your childhood. Did you have a toy, doll, or a place in your yard (something visual) that just brought you peace or joy? (I had a cigar box of charms from the gum machine that brought me both!)


What sounds from your childhood thrilled you? (For me, it was the sound of the gravel in the driveway, signaling that my Daddy was home from work. I also loved the music of Cat Stevens and The Monkees. Oh and the sound of the disappearing contents at the bottom of the cup of Slurpee, when sucked through a straw.)


What scents did you love? (The sweet scent of my grandmother’s cheek. She always smelled like the best red lipstick and Coty L’Aimant powder put on with a puff.)


What favorite tastes stand out from your childhood? (Those powdery, raspberry-scented candy-turned-gum disks called Razzles were the best! They were right up there with Hebrew National hotdogs on the grill and roasted marshmallows at the campfire.)


What textures brought comfort and calm? (I had a stuffed animal named Taffy and I used to be comforted by petting his soft ears.)

So while I peruse this list, I see that there are many things that are wonderful to remember that I don’t have anymore. No, Slurpees, no Razzles, no Hebrew National hotdogs or marshmallows. My grandparents and parents are gone from this good Earth. I still have the box of charms and my music. Taffy has been replaced with my real dog, Toffee, and I still love campfires.

Consider your list and then close your eyes and revisit those precious sense-memories.

Deep and cleansing breath in and release. Drop the tension from your muscles and nerves. Mentally walk through some happy memories from your past and breathe. These are yours. You can never lose them.

If you missed Sunday’s post, here’s the link:

Enchanted Breaths are the “ahh, the haha, and the aha! of life.”

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