Key 8: Art Key 9: Nature

Chalktoberfest Celebrates Creative Art

Chalktoberfest Celebrates Creative Art

Chalktoberfest celebrates creative art in the setting of nature’s beauty. That’s two Enchanted Keys on the keyring used for one event. Enchanted Key #8-Art and Enchanted Key #9-Nature. Actually Enchanted Key #7-Movement was used as well because we did a lot of walking. I had the extreme pleasure of attending Chalktoberfest at the Square in Marietta, GA. I told my husband I wanted to go and he was excited. He’s always a good sport about accompanying me to festivals of all kinds but his enthusiasm surprised me.

Pastel Chalk Artists

Upon arriving, we saw pastel chalk artists lining the streets, each given about a 10’x10’ square in which to recreate their painting of choice.

My husband seemed puzzled. I asked him, “What’s the matter?”

“This is chalk art,” he replied.

“Yes, that’s what Chalktoberfest celebrates,” I said gently. “Did you think it was something else?”

He looked down, slightly disappointed and I could see his face as if he were a 6 year-old boy again. “Chocolate,” he said. “I thought it was “Choctoberfest.”

“Ohhhhhhh.” My heart sank.

After he made the mental switch however, he thoroughly enjoyed the incredible art and artists.

Cuong Nguyen-People’s Choice Winner 2016

His piece Pavonia: Original painting by Lord Frederick Leighton, circa 1858
Cuong was sponsored by Blue Sky Exhibits.

What If It Rains?

The street was the canvas for these chalk artists that came from California, Mexico, and other areas, mostly west of here. I asked one of them what happens if it rains? “The art gets washed away,” he said, shrugging his shoulders, and added, “Then we start again.” Oh my goodness what a fabulous and challenging attitude.

Each Artist and Piece of Art Is Unique

It was a perfect day, weather wise. It’s been unseasonably warm here and the temperature was in the low 70s. No rain. The artists ran their hands over the cracks and bumps and imperfections of the street, putting down layers of color, to create exquisite ground murals. Some wore gloves while others were barehanded. Some used padding on their knees while others did not. A few artists wore masks to protect themselves from inhaling the chalk dust.

All Things Chalktoberfest

As if being out in nature on a glorious day, and Chalktoberfest’s amazing artists were still not enough, there were vendors selling their jewelry and wares that showcase their amazing talents, and festival food being cooked on open grills permeating the air. Apparently there was also beer and wine for the more traditional Oktoberfest attendees, as well as an antique car show. A children’s area offered chalk to the tiniest of artists willing to try their hand at this art form. This, in addition to all of the surrounding shops holding specials on their merchandise, inviting everyone to enter the season of fall in full swing.

Videos of the Art

Google Chalktoberfest to see what it’s all about.

Experience It All

Check out if there’s one in your region, and if you’re anywhere near Marietta, GA today, there’s another full day of the event until 5pm.

Enjoy nature, art, and all while walking around the square and neighboring streets.

Stay enchanted!

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