Key 10: Meditation

Chakras Are Wheels of Energy, Color, Light and Sound


Our chakras are wheels of energy and light. That’s what we’re made of.



This week’s focus on Enchanted Key #10-Meditation, will help you reduce stress and meditate on balancing your chakras, which is a Sanskrit word meaning, “wheel.” Our wheels all need to spin in a clockwise direction. On your own body, you put your hand on your heart, move it to your left side, your lower belly, and your right side, back up to your heart, and you have the direction. The size of your energy wheel should be the palm of your hand and run down the front column of your body. Too small a wheel and it’s restricted, which can result in isolation. If too large, your boundaries may be too broad. This results in people pleasing and letting too many others in, which can drain your energy. Each chakra is associated with a color, vibration, sound/musical note, symbol, and attributes to balance.



We begin at the first chakra, located at the base of your pubic bone or spine. The first, or root chakra, is red. It includes the legs and feet. Its teachings come from your tribe or family of origin. It’s how you walk on the earth. Your job is to integrate what you’ve learned from your family with your beliefs as an individual, now.


The second chakra is below your navel, at the seat of your sexual organs and is orange. The issues to be healed and kept balanced are creativity, finances, sexuality, and betrayal.


The third chakra is located at the solar plexus. It’s color is yellow. This represents who you are, one-on-one to the world. It has to do with self-esteem and personal power. You’ll feel it there when energetically, you’ve been punched in the gut.


The fourth chakra is located at the lungs and heart and extends to the arms, out to the fingertips. The color is green. It governs compassion for the self and others, matters of the heart, and smothered or abandoned love, which affects the lungs.


The fifth chakra is at the throat. Its color is blue. It’s where we speak our truth and exert our will. If the heart chakra, below, and the head chakra, above, are not aligned, it’s likely that the fifth chakra will be out of balance, often in the form of some sort of addiction.


The sixth chakra is in the center of the forehead just above the eyebrows. It’s color is indigo. This houses the intuition and inside movie of your life. The eyes look outward and the six chakra looks inward.


The seventh chakra is at the top of the crown of your head. It’s color is violet. This is the connection to Divine Source.

Every day this week spend a few moments paying attention to your chakras. Remember to spin them in the right direction, manage their size, observe the issues associated with each, and work toward balancing them.

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