Enchanted Keys Enchantment Key 1: Mindfulness Stress

Celebrating Triumphs through Mindfulness Practice


Celebrating triumphs through mindfulness is the topic of today’s post. Dear Enchanted Journeyers, I was given an opportunity to practice mindfulness and receive enchantment! Need to share. Here’s what unfolded…


As many of you may remember, four years ago I had the most challenging year of my life. Despite my forever healthy body, mind, and spirit, I got the DCIS breast cancer call, subsequently had a lumpectomy, and one week later, my dear 91-year old mother, whom I’d been caring for since she developed Alzheimer’s, unexpectedly died. What an overwhelming time.


Instead of just helping others, I used the Enchanted Keys to move myself through grief, healing, and back to enchantment by celebrating all of the small things along the way. Thursday, I had my annual mammogram. I was both sweaty and freezing, confident that all was well and simultaneously terrified. There are some fierce fire-breathing Dragons in those waiting rooms.


Afterward, I went across the walkway to see the surgeon for my follow-up exam where she read my results. She said to me, “You are perfect.” How fabulous is that????? Not only am I well, but perfect? You just don’t hear that every day.


I texted my loved ones and told them the good news, (including the perfect part.) They were ecstatic. While driving home, I said prayers of gratitude. Upon arrival, I jumped up and down, clapped my hands, shouted with joy, and hugged my dog. I was about to return to my writing responsibilities when Anna-Claire, my soul sister, texted me again. “So, how will you be celebrating?”

Hm. Silence from me. Not a usual occurrence.

I pondered her question. I was pretty sure I had just celebrated. In teaching mindfulness to others, I highlight the importance of honoring where things begin and end and the pauses in between. Here I was, about to blur a major moment by getting right back to work. I needed to be celebrating. 


Lori, a sweet Enchanted Journeyer, had told me that Home Depot has fairy garden kits and accessories! I called five Home Depot stores, with no luck, and the Dragons cackling with each, “no.”

I found Kim, after persevering, in the sixth Home Depot garden center. She said the fairy garden palette was stored up high but that she’d try to get it down. Ten minutes later they were  successful. How’s that for customer service?

“Terry?” Kim asked when I walked into in the garden center. I was welcomed with applause when I mentioned fairy gardens.  “We’ve been waiting for you!” Enchanting Kim, the other amazing team members, and I, excitedly perused the fairy garden kits. They contain troll bridges, fairy swings, Adirondack chairs, fire pits, and more. The accessories include male and female fairies, dogs, wishing wells, leaf tables and chairs, etc. I had a wonderful time selecting the enchanted pieces. Kim asked if they’re for my children. Oh, children! I exclaimed. My grown children will love them. While most children could find fascination in these gardens, it’s our inner children who need to play with them the most.

Will you invite the people in your world to play?

Take time off from anxiety and worry, and just play, right now.

Leave us a comment and tell us how YOU will celebrate my good news.


If you liked this story, please share it to inspire others to be mindful of separating the sacred moments from the mundane ones and of the importance of play.

MUCH gratitude to Lori, my family, Anna-Claire, Kim, Home Depot, and the Fairies themselves.

P.S. I stumbled upon the enchanted fairy garden on the header, in Asheville, N.C. at the base of a tree on the sidewalk. I photographed it but don’t know who created it. It’s lovely.

Stay enchanted!

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