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Key 4: Sensory Experiences Stress

Accomplishments Acknowledged Offer a Sense of Achievement

Accomplishments are the focus of this week’s Enchanted Breath. If you read Sunday’s Enchanted Blog post then you know that we took a look at graduations of all kinds and what to choose for the next level of learning.
On a smaller scale, I’d like to share the importance of stopping to acknowledge the completion of a task.

Enchanted Keys Key 3: Journaling Stress

Word Associations-Are They Lodged In Your Body As Stress?

Word associations may deliver to you a pat or a punch. Dear Enchanted Journeyers, We’re continuing on our quest to corral and tame those Dragons of Stress through Enchanted Key #3-Journaling. Sunday we selected our journal prompts by randomly opening a book and blindly pointing to a word on the page to write about.

Enchanted Breaths Key 2: Altered Perceptions Stress

Altered Perceptions of Stress Can Calm You

“Altered perceptions of stress,”  you say? What if I told you that you could alter your perception of stress and calm yourself? Would you believe me? Well, it’s true. A good portion of our stress is created by us! We work ourselves into a lather over things that, thank goodness, are not likely to happen.