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Winter Solstice 2016

Winter Solstice 2016 is tiptoeing in on icy feet. Greetings, Enchanted Journeyers! It’s almost a new season and a new year. In the Northern Hemisphere, we cross the threshold into winter on Wednesday, December 21, 2016, at 5:45am EST or 10:44 UTC (Universal Coordinated Time).

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Summer’s End 2016

It’s Summer’s end 2016. It’s the last day of summer and also time for your midweek enchanted breath.

Inhale deeply the last remnants of fresh basil, summer breezes, and the few sweet strawberries still clinging to their stems. Exhale the summer of 2016. All of the troubles and all of the joys of the season are behind us.

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Scavenger Hunt to Usher Out Summer of 2016

Let’s go on an end of summer scavenger hunt! Look back to your Summer Gift Registry before we create the autumnal one next week. What summer activities have been left unchecked? It’s not too late. Squeeze in this scavenger hunt to help you earn your Enchanted Key to Nature. Combine it with the Enchanted Key to Sensory Experiences.