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Key 7: Movement

Week 21: Yogahh

Dear Enchanted Ones,
Yoga + Ahh= Yogahh.
Yoga is a mind-body practice that feels great to both.
FYI…since last week we put the spotlight on Dragon Chatter that talks you out of moving, in the yoga department, you might hear: “Oh come on! I can’t sit still in one position for that long.

Key 5: Reduced Clutter

Week 12: Spring Cleaning!

Enchanted Key #5-Reduced Clutter
When you hear that it’s time for spring cleaning, does your heart leap with joy at throwing open the sashes, letting the fresh air in and clearing out clutter or do your Dragons jump on to your shoulders while you’re vacuuming, making the tasks ahead annoying and overwhelming?
I, as your Enchantress on this

Key 6: Humor

Week 16: What is Funny to You?

Greetings and Salutations my waggish Journeyers,
Do you like to laugh? I do. In fact I’d say that laughter has been the glue through life’s tough times that has held me together. My husband and our children are funny, and even our dog is a clown.
This week’s focus on Enchanted Key #6-Humor is about what YOU find funny.