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Enchanted Keys

Week 40: That’s Music to My Ears

Dear Enchanted Lovers of Music,
The topic of enchantment this week is music, and not just any music, but the music that stirs YOUR soul.
It’s as individual as each soul itself.
Some people love the heart pounding beat of Hip Hop music while others are soothed by jazz. Maybe Baroque music is your thing or bagpipes.

Enchanted Keys

Week 38: Autumn Gift Registry

Greetings, Enchanted Journeyers! We are embarking on a new season again. I hope that you experienced a summer of special adventures in the extended light, hummingbirds, fireflies, and sand in your toes. I hope you rode a wave into the shore, felt the sun on your face, ate fresh strawberries, enjoyed baseball and had a BBQ.

Enchanted Keys

Week 37: Game On!

Dear Enchanted Journeyers,
Enchantment of the week revolves around games! Do you play?
Has your heart leapt at the thought of focusing on playing games this week or does it twist your stomach in knots? Somewhere in between?
Take a moment to assess.