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Scavenger Hunt to Usher Out Summer of 2016

Let’s go on an end of summer scavenger hunt! Look back to your Summer Gift Registry before we create the autumnal one next week. What summer activities have been left unchecked? It’s not too late. Squeeze in this scavenger hunt to help you earn your Enchanted Key to Nature. Combine it with the Enchanted Key to Sensory Experiences.

Enchanted Breaths Key 9: Nature Moon Cycles

Lunar Eclipse: The Last One of 2016

The final eclipse of 2016 occurs this Friday, September 16th. It’s a lunar eclipse that urges us to pay attention to revealed truth. So as we take our midweek breath to restore and refresh ourselves, let’s explore the idea of truth.

A lunar eclipse occurs when the earth is in the middle between the sun and the moon, in a straight line.