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Enchanted Keys Key 3: Journaling Stress

Word Associations-Are They Lodged In Your Body As Stress?

Word associations may deliver to you a pat or a punch. Dear Enchanted Journeyers, We’re continuing on our quest to corral and tame those Dragons of Stress through Enchanted Key #3-Journaling. Sunday we selected our journal prompts by randomly opening a book and blindly pointing to a word on the page to write about.

Key 3: Journaling

Minimalist Journal

Happy Easter! Maybe you’ve been inspired today or you’re just sitting still because you’ve had too many jellybeans. Either way, exploring a path to yourself is always a good thing. Today we focus on a Minimalist Journal because minimalists journal, too, you know.

Banish Stress with Dr. Terry Segal
Key 3: Journaling

Stress Busting Journal!

Stress busting journaler needed. Apply here.
Greetings, Enchanted Journeyers, and welcome to Week 11 of 2016, and exploration of our Enchanted Key of the Month, #3-Journaling. I hope you haven’t let the Dragons drag on you and convince you that buying, creating, or looking at your journal is too much work. Phooey! I say.

Key 3: Journaling

Week 1 of 2015: Journaling

Happy 2015!
Wishing you a year filled with love, happiness, peace, prosperity and enchantment. In January, we will focus on Enchanted Key #3 for Journaling. There are many benefits to journaling. Journals can be a chronicle of feelings, thoughts and experiences. They can chart progress, growth and development.