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Art Key 2: Altered Perceptions

Kintsugi-The Japanese Art of Honoring Brokenness in People and Things

Kintsugi is a 500-year old Japanese tradition of taking a broken object and restoring it by filling in its cracks with gold. What better way to kick off our look at Enchanted Key #2-Altered Perceptions? Kintsugi means “golden joinery,” referring to the method of restoration. The veins of gold run across a broken piece of pottery.


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Art Enchantment Fireside Fridays Key 8: Art

Opportunities for Enchantment Abound!

Opportunities for Enchantment Abound! Do you know how good teachers inspire students to surpass them? I experienced that proud moment this week and wish to send a shout out to one of our fellow Enchanted Journeyers, Lory Weber!
Through a ridiculous occurrence last week, I sustained a foot injury that is already healin