Key 4: Sensory Experiences

Cars Can Be Our Moving Sanctuaries: Detail Yours

Cars Can Be Our Moving Sanctuaries: Detail Yours

Cars can truly be our moving sanctuaries, so isn’t it worth it to spend a bit of time detailing them? Cars serve so many functions these days, both good and bad. Instead of the obvious getting us from Point A to Point B, for many people, they are also mobile restaurants! While I certainly don’t recommend this, nor advocate for the multitasking of eating and driving, it’s a reality for a number of you.


Traveling in Cars With Others

Traveling in cars with others can provide company, mental stimulation, additional navigation if Siri decides to mess with you, and educational opportunities if your passengers are the wee ones. Even pets love to be in cars with the wind in their faces. The scents on the air waft into the car and arouse and delight them. They know a thing or two about Sensory Experiences, Enchanted Key # 4, which we are completing our month-long study about today.

Traveling in Cars Alone

Cars can provide a moving transition from one place to another, both physically, mentally, and spiritually. Why not develop a ritual that accompanies the physical act of going from one destination to the next? Before leaving, you could take a few deep and cleansing breaths and exhale them, discharging tension in your body. Enter the car with an intention for the ride. While keeping your full attention on the road, you might also practice steady, even breaths. Maybe you’ll be mindful of smiling, even if you don’t have any particular reason to smile.

Cleanliness in Our Sanctuary Cars

Each day, clear out the debris from your car. Gather those tissues you threw on the seat. Find those cashews that jumped out of the bag and on to the floor. Toss out the food and protein bar wrappers. Take your water bottle or thermos in the house to wash and refill it. At least once a week, vacuum your car. Staying on top of these small tasks will make you feel as if your car is a lovely friend waiting for you to visit.

Props in Our Cars

In keeping with our theme of adding layers of sensory experiences, think about what creature comforts might be nice to keep in your car. I always recommend a First Aid kit, jumper cables, and a water and protein bar and/or nuts (or other protein source) supply. Don’t use plastic bottles for water, due to the off gassing of the plastic that is unhealthy. Keep a pair of old sneakers in the trunk in case you find you have to walk somewhere unexpectedly. A flashlight is recommended, too, as your phone may have lost its charge, leaving you without the phone flashlight. A phone charger designated for the car is a good idea as well.

Beyond the Necessities

Maybe you’d like to listen to books during your commute. Perhaps you’re the kind of person who would prefer to music and to sing at the top of your lungs. This can be a great stress buster! If you have the hands free feature, you could connect with others by calling them prior to driving and letting them hang up first. Think about all of the ways that you can prepare your car to enhance the sights, sounds, smells, tastes and textures of life that please you the most.

Stay enchanted!

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