Art Key 8: Art

Capture Images-The Art of Photography

Capture images! In our exploration of Enchanted Key #8, everything Art, let’s consider the world of photography.

Photography is the only language

It used to be that expensive equipment, classes on light meters, lenses, aperture, focus on fore, middle and backgrounds and subjects were required before taking the first photo. Now, stunning photographs come from holding our cell phones to frame the subject, clicking the big button that says PHOTO, and then colorizing or editing as we desire. It doesn’t get easy peasier than that!

Our photos can be copied onto scarves, T-shirts, tote bags, mugs, etc. With digital online scrapbooking tools, photos can be uploaded and kept in the virtual realm. Physical clutter is greatly reduced from not having all of those shoeboxes filled with photos of unnamed people that we intend to sort through “someday.”

I’ve noticed that children around ten years of age or younger don’t have the same relationship to photo albums as we did. Those seem prehistoric to them. We painstakingly tried to keep the photos in order with one million little pieces of paper with dates, event names and locations so our treasured memories would be preserved. Many children now don’t have that timeline of events in their lives. Parents are often too busy to keep up with it, although there is a huge number of digital scrapbookers who do. My hats off to them.

But photos are visual stories. They conjure feelings, the sound of a loved one’s laughter, and sense-memories that are priceless. They provide a visual record of our lives. We sometimes forget the physical details of our loved ones who have passed. “Oh, I forgot he had a mole on his cheek,” or “I never realized that she had a crooked smile!” We don’t accurately remember what we looked like from year-to-year. Without the aid of photographs, our memories can take on a truth of their own, often far from reality.

One of the things I love to do to celebrate the seasonal registry, is to gift myself with photographs of the season. Each season I plan an excursion (that usually involves a picnic) in which I take a couple of hours to drive to various spots to capture images from the season. Sometimes I go solo and other times invite others to join me. In spring, I’ll take pictures of flowering trees, moss covered bridges, and gardens that are just starting to bloom. In summer, I photograph hummingbirds and butterflies in flight. I immortalize corn growing on stalks and watermelons on vines. In fall, there are loads of pumpkins, gourds, and leaves in vibrant colors. In winter, a bare landscape is still enchanting, with a single cardinal on the branch of a tree or on a snow-covered swing.

Get out there and take some meaningful photos. Share them with us and let us know what images you love to capture!


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