Key 6: Humor

Captions: Pairing Words With This Funny Image Makes It Funnier

Captions: Pairing Words With This Funny Image Makes it Funnier

Captions add so much to photographs, and yet, sometimes, words aren’t even necessary. Each unique person comes up with captions, though, from his or her imagination. Often, humor is the focus.

For our Enchanted Breath this week, I’m putting up a photo of a frog that one of our daughters captured. It was underneath their barbecue grill when she took its picture. Write a caption and we will bring it to Team Enchantment and let you know whose caption was voted as the best of the best! There’s no reward, other than to have a good time and play along.


You Write the Caption!

Check out the photo and click over to my Facebook Fan Page to submit your caption. That way we will see the thread of captions all in one place. You have one week to post your caption. Beginning Wednesday, June 20, through Wednesday, June 27, at 11:59pm, you can post your caption. Here’s the link:

The Future of Captions

If you like this, it could become a “thing.” We can post photos and ask you to come up with captions to be shared among our Enchanted Journeyers.

Laughter is good medicine for what ails you. Get some or make some yourself.

Enchanted Breath

Let’s take our midweek breath. It’s summertime here in the U.S of A. It can be hard to be productive at work when you’d rather be doing the butterfly stroke in the pool or floating on a raft in the ocean. So let’s at least breathe mindfully for our good health.

While we’re outside in our minds, pick a spot, any spot, outdoors and drop your tension there. Breathe in the fresh air and exhale all of it from your muscles and nerves. Arch your back and then gently round it. Repeat a few rounds of this. Roll your shoulders forward and back, up and down, and around. Imagine yourself floating on a cloud in the sky.




Exhale some more.

Enchanted Breaths are the “ahh, the haha, and the aha! of life.”

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