Art Enchantment Fireside Fridays Key 8: Art

Butterflies Are Enchanting Creatures

For today’s chat around the fire pit, I’d like to share an experience with enchanting butterflies. For one of our outings this summer, we went to the Chattahoochee Nature Center to see the exhibit. Awesomeness! It was so much fun.

Large butterfly on lantana   orange with purple flower drts

two black and yellow IMG_9436


When we entered the tent, we were given nectar sticks by the guides. Since butterflies taste with their feet, we held the sticks beneath them and they light upon them. Multiple butterflies stood on the same stick and landed on our shoulders, hair, and flew in circles around us like in the cartoons. It was very magical.


A little salamander photobombed one of the shots. Hadn’t seen him at first. You know that he is just a sneaky little Dragon. He blended in with the stalk of the flowers that also attract the butterflies. Before exiting the tent, we had to twirl around in a circle to be sure that no one was hitching a ride. Butterflies are such beautiful and delicate creatures.

salamander IMG_9431


A few years back, in Kansas, I had the pleasure of being in their migratory path. I had on a colorful skirt that they loved and, at one point, I must’ve had 50 of them on me at once.

Check out your local area in the summer, to see if there are butterfly exhibits that you can visit. You won’t be disappointed!

Leave a comment if you love them and have enjoyed seeing them in your yard or elsewhere.

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