Key 1: Mindfulness

Boundaries Serve As Mindful Protectors of Your Energy

Boundaries Serve As Mindful Protectors of Your Energy

Boundaries serve as mindful protectors of your precious energy by delineating what’s yours from everyone else’s. When babies are small, there’s no distinction between them and their mothers. Only after they have passed the developmental milestone do they realize that they are separate entities.


Adults Need Boundaries

Sometimes as adults, however, we can get trapped in the pattern of thinking that we are required to be all things to all people, simply because they would like us to be. We don’t create strong boundaries around our well being and push past our exhaustion. We forego meals if we’re at soccer practice or dance rehearsals. Additionally, we blur our own boundaries when we ditch ourselves to fulfill the needs and desires of others.

The Line You Can’t Cross

Remember when you were a child and your parents told you that you can’t cross the line into Judy’s yard on one side and David’s on the other? There was often no physical line drawn, but you knew when you were pushing the boundary.

It’s the same thing today. You know when you’re doing too much, eating or drinking too much, or staying up too late. You also are familiar with the awful feeling of being taken advantage of or not allowing yourself to say, “No,” when you really would rather scream it.

Setting Boundaries

It’s good self-care to set mindful boundaries in many aspects of your life. They’re needed in relationships of all kinds, romantic, parenting, family of origin, and work-related.

Then there are the personal boundaries we set and re-set for ourselves regarding self-esteem, safety, and daily choices given how we feel, our schedules, and our energy levels.

Constant Assessment

Constant assessment of our boundaries is needed and we must honor ourselves by being vigilant about maintaining our integrity of word to self and others.


Take a few moments to consider your boundaries and notice if you need to create new ones, are satisfied with the ones that are already in place or if you need to tweak some of them. Having strong boundaries goes a long way toward keeping your Dragons in line and taking excellent care of yourself.

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