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Books Transform Life During January’s Slump Month


Books transform life during January’s slump month. The holidays are over. The bright lights have been taken down. New Year’s Resolutions are depressing for some and so they won’t even make them. Is this you? If so, no worries.


Life can still be enchanting right now. That’s why I’m declaring January 2017 as Enchantment Month! I dare you to have enchanting experiences. I’ll give you suggestions but feel free to create your own and share them with us.


Books star as the enchantment of the week! If you love to read, this will be easy. If not, listen to the chatter of your enchantment-squelching Dragons. Do they tell you it’s a waste of time? Do they say you already take in too much information each day? Whatever words they use to convince you not to read, you can be sure that they’re robbing you of magical adventures.


When I was in fourth grade, I liked non-fiction books about health issues and the functionality of our bodies. One day, our librarian presented me with a book she had selected for me about Babe Ruth. I was a girly girl and couldn’t understand why she would’ve picked that for me. However, I read it and fell in love. I was hooked instantly on biographies and autobiographies. That single act on her part, expanded my world.

For years, I immersed myself in non-fiction, listening to Dragon chatter that fiction books were “drivel,” and a “waste of my mind and time.” Then I read one. Again the doors to new possibilities flew open. And so it goes.

I continue to find great joy in reading. I read to all of my children each night before tucking them in at the corners, I’m a published author of both non-fiction and fiction (horrified by what I used to think about fiction novels) and I read to my grandson.


For a quick journaling exercise, jot down the names of TOP TEN favorite books, authors, and stories you’ve enjoyed. Note what they had in common.

Do you read or are you “too busy” or “too tired”? (calling the Dragons out.) Pick up a book or magazine and snuggle into bed or rest on a park bench with the sun on your face, and embark on a journey. Reading is a great way to de-stress.

Enchantment awaits!

Please share this post if you enjoyed it and do let us hear from you about your favorite books or genre and if any movie version of a book was better than the book itself.


If you have any unspent holiday gift money, treat yourself to a book or three. It’s delicious to have them stacked on the nightstand, waiting for you like dessert. Need some suggestions?

  1. My contemporary women’s fiction novel, Hidden Corners of My Heart, Product Detailsabout Janna Wolfe, wife and PTA Mom who smiles back at the young, French pastry chef from her bakery and sets off a cascade of passion and life-altering decisions.
  2. My non-fiction, self-help book, The Enchanted Journey: Finding the Key That Unlocks You to banish stress and create life as an enchanted journey. Product Details
  4. The Treasure Trove: A Collection of Prose & Poetry from 20 Atlanta authors, of which I am one.

Send me a note if you would like to order directly from me for a signed copy of any of these.

Stay enchanted!

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