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Blank Space Scheduled: 7 Hacks To De-Stress


Blank space scheduled to de-stress. Don’t let the Dragons tell you it isn’t realistic. It’s imperative! We’re kicking off a new cycle through Stress, Dragons, and Enchanted Keys! My task is to target specific areas of stress to help you manage or eliminate them. Your job is to follow the plan so you can enjoy the upcoming holidays more.



Look at a calendar on your phone, desk, or wall, and jot down all of the activities that are part of your annual traditions from today through December 31st. You’ll see that November 24th is Thanksgiving.


Your Dragons will fool you into thinking that it’s just one day. Nope. If you’re hosting out-of-town guests, time must be found to change the sheets, clear the sink drain of hair, and wipe toothpaste off the mirror. If you plan to eat on Thanksgiving, before you even get to the meal, planning the menu, grocery shopping, prepping the food, setting the table, and cooking are involved. We’re not even talking about cleaning up and putting away the leftovers in a timely fashion so you don’t accidentally poison the family the next day.


Perhaps you’re celebrating with friends or family out-of-state. This involves packing, traveling, and bringing the hostess a gift, which needs to be made or purchased, beforehand. You’ve already used up at least a week before you’ve even tasted the cranberries. If you participate in the BOGOsity of Black Friday, just extend the exhaustion and frayed nerves, even if you’re one of those who love it.


Following that, it’s back to work you go and if you have any children, grandchildren or neighborhood children, there are final tournaments, concerts, recitals, exam days, class parties, team parties, and holiday parties of all kinds! Kwanzaa party, First Day of Advent, tree-lighting ceremony, eight nights of Chanukah, Twelve days of Christmas, baking, winter solstice, Christmas Eve, and Christmas itself! There are the gift return sale days, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day! Don’t forget the football parties for the bowl games and, of course, the parades. And the full moon. Add in the unexpected invitations and you’ve got a super duper recipe for stress overload!


Here’s where I, your Enchantress, step in to invite you to look ahead:

1-Make a list, in pencil, of all of the activities on the calendar

2-Write down everything required of you

3-Discern which are obligations and which you desire (some are both)

4-Choose to eliminate some. (We often forget we have a choice!)

5-Schedule in blank space for self-care.

6-Stick to your schedule.

7. Inhale peace and exhale stress.


You’re not allowed to cram additional activities into the blank space. That is sacred and reserved for restoration, like massage, hot bubble baths, a cozy nap with your dog, etc. Make the blank space non-negotiable to enjoy the holidays more.


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Banish Stress and Stay Enchanted!

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