Bedroom: Mindfully Create Sensory Layers to Enhance Your Experience

Bedroom-Mindfully Create A Pleasing Environment

Bedroom. It should be a sanctuary. Research is showing that for restful sleep and wellbeing, only two activities should take place in the bedroom. They are sleep and sexual activity.


Electromagnetic Magnetic Frequencies

Electromagnetic frequencies are neither tranquility-inducing, nor sexy, it turns out. So…no TV in the bedroom. EMFs are emitted for up to two hours after you’ve turned the TV off.  I know that many of you fall asleep with the TV still on, right? That’s you being bombarded by continual waves zapping you that you’re not even aware of. No good.

Reading In Bed

Reading in bed can get a pass. I suggest, however, that you read poetry or an intriguing story but perhaps the heart-pounding, anxiety-inducing, thrillers should be enjoyed at another time.

Sensory Experiences in the Bedroom

Since we’re all about Enchanted Key #4 this month, Sensory Experiences, let’s take a few minutes to focus on how you can enhance your bedroom. Research also shows that sleeping in a darkened room, perhaps also using black-out curtains that block out light, and keeping the room cooler, at 70 degrees or below, aids sleep.


What pleasing visual images can you add to your bedroom to enjoy before you turn out the light each night? This poster conveys enchantment to the max and probably isn’t realistic, but it can get your creativity flowing to think beyond the expected. What elements can you introduce? Do you want to change the paint color? Do you have functional lighting and mood lighting as well?


Can you add natural environmental sounds by opening a window? You might hear the wind, rain, birds chirping or frog song. Music or environmental sound machines can play electronically.


Maybe you’d like to keep a warming plate with a pot of tea in your room, or a Keurig, or in warmer climates, a pitcher of water flavored with lemons, limes, oranges, or cucumbers.


You can add a diffuser in your bedroom to induce sleep and add a layer of freshness to the room. Essential oils of lavender for calming, bergamot for heart healing, or a citrus scent that refreshing may be desired.


It’s ideal to sleep naked so your bed sheets should feel nice on your skin. If you wear pajamas or nightgowns, cotton fabric is preferred for its breathability. Luxurious pillows, both functional and decorative can convey a mood. The textures of your flooring and bed frame add a sensory layer as well. Do you want to add an area rug or change to hardwoods or tile flooring?

Think about your bedroom this week and how you can enhance the experience of being in there. What do you need to subtract to open the flow of qi, or life force, and what can be added?

Need a Meditation?

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Stay enchanted!

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