Key 2: Altered Perceptions

Beauty-What Makes You Beautiful on the Outside and Inside?

Beauty-What Makes You Beautiful?

Beauty, in all the ways that you’re beautiful, is the subject of our Enchanted Key to Altered Perceptions today. Let’s begin with a definition of what you think is beautiful. Often we look outside of ourselves to define this.


Outside Beauty

We can appreciate beauty in Mother Nature, fabrics, jewels, and in poetry and music. What we don’t do often enough is stop to consider what it is about those things that move us. In using our Enchanted Key to Altered Perceptions, we can work toward imbuing ourselves with those qualities.

For instance, if you love jewels because of their sparkly brilliance, you can meditate on ways to sparkle in your personality. If you are moved by classic beauty, contemplating how to incorporate that into your wardrobe, choice of music, and language may become your focus. It is the process of becoming that which you already find beautiful in the outside world.

Inside Beauty

Take a minute to think about someone that you find physically beautiful. It can be a friend of yours or a celebrity. What makes them beautiful in your eye? Is it flawless skin or is it a twinkle in their eyes or is it due to a kindness that they possess that oozes from their essence? What qualities do you find attractive that arise from inside beauty? What characteristics or qualities in yourself are beautiful?

5 Things To Do To Feel Physically Beautiful

  1. PRACTICE GOOD HYGIENE                                                                                                              Brush your teeth and tongue, wash your face and hair, shower, exfoliate dead skin, and wear clean clothes that aren’t in need of repair. It feels awful when you know there’s a button missing and your shirt gapes open. Discard socks with holes and sneakers with no tread.
  2. GROOM YOUR NAILS                                                                                                                                  You don’t have to go to a salon or even wear polish to keep your fingernails and toenails looking beautiful. Make sure your nails are clean, evenly trimmed, and smooth.
  3. PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR HAIR                                                                                                                    You know when you start to feel and/or look like a wildebeest. You pull out the baseball cap or shove your hair back with the twist tie from your celery. Instead, if you color your hair, schedule regular appointments and keep your hair freshly trimmed with each season. Show it some love at home, with coconut oil treatments if it’s dry.
  4. GOOD NUTRITION                                                                                                                                       You’d be surprised how much good nutrition shows up as beauty in your body! Eating right and staying hydrated clears toxins that can dull your skin. Cutting sugar and dairy out, or at least limiting it, gives you more energy, which is always beautiful. Dairy increases inflammation and contributes to puffiness around eyes and belly.
  5. ADD COLOR TO YOUR WARDROBE                                                                                                         Make sure there’s some color in your wardrobe, especially your favorite color! You may notice you’ve accumulated a lot of black outfits because you think they’re slimming or you’ve been a bit down and black reflected your mood. Except for the little black dress, limit your wearing of black unless you feel totally beautiful in it.

5 Things To Do To Feel Beautiful on the Inside

  1. MEDITATE                                                                                                                                                                        Quiet your mind and get in touch with what truly matters to you. Put your attention on those things.
  2. SMILE                                                                                                                                                                                The physical act of smiling actually affects our mood. Try it.
  3. CONNECT WITH OTHERS MEANINGFULLY                                                                                             Even if you’re in one-time encounters with  grocery clerks or someone in yoga class, make it matter. Smile. Look into their eyes, and speak your truth gently. Put a positive spin on it.
  4. HONOR YOUR BOUNDARIES OF SELF-CARE                                                                                                        Don’t surround yourself with toxic people. Instead, find a community of people who are kind and aligned. They’re your tribe. Eat healthfully, get enough sleep, and learn to stress less
  5. BE LOVE. SPREAD LOVE                                                                                                                               There’s nothing more beautiful than that.

Have a beautiful and enchanting week!

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