Key 9: Nature

Beach Trip Mind Travel to Celebrate the End of Summer

Beach Trip Mind Travel to Celebrate the End of Summer

Beach trip mind travel to celebrate the end of summer. Who’s in? In the USA, Labor Day maybe the unofficial end of summer but fall isn’t set to arrive until September 22nd. So whether you had a chance to visit the beach this season or not, let’s go together now. For your weekly Enchanted Breath, let’s delight in Enchanted Key #9-Nature.


Who Are You at The Beach?

You may be a person who enjoys staying at the waters edge and only getting your toes wet. Maybe you’re a beach blanket bingo kind of gal or guy. Perhaps you’re that one who runs into the water, making a huge splash, before immersing yourself completely into the ocean and then re-surfacing in a grand gesture.

Your Beach

For today’s Enchanted Breath envision what about the beach trip brings you the most joy or the greatest peace. Take a moment to quiet yourself and let the image of the beach that you’d like to be on right now come into your awareness. In your mind’s eye, imagine turning slowly in a circle to take in the beauty of the beach. Notice the color of the sky and if there are clouds. What color is the sand? How about the water? Add an extra layer of sensory experience by inviting the sounds. Maybe you hear the crashing waves, the seagulls, or the joyful laughter of children echoing on the wind. What scents and tastes are you aware of? Which textures are in contrast?

Melting Tension

Take a deep and cleansing breath of fresh ocean air, in through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Another deep cleansing breath in and release. Feel the tension melting away from you in this exquisite place of peace. Feel the surrender in your muscles and nerves as you become one with Mother Nature, succumbing to deep relaxation, peace, and joy. Drifting resting and relaxing. Restoring your body, mind, and soul.

Beach Travel While at Home

Nowhere to go and nothing to do but relax. And when you’re ready, take another deep breath in and release. Be grateful that you were able to create a beach scene in your mind that you can visit anytime that you’re aware of stress or tension accumulating in your body, mind, spirit, or emotions.

Enchanted Breaths are the “ahh, the haha, and the aha! of life.”

Stay enchanted!

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