Enchanted Breaths

Banish Stress with Enchanted Breaths

Hellooooo my Enchanted Journeyers!

You know how it is when you think you hit PUBLISH but you didn’t really?

Yes, that has occurred today. I hope you haven’t been holding your breath.

Sunday’s post was about chasing the fantasy of how we fantasize that Thanksgiving and other holidays will be vs. how they often are. To avoid stress and allow the ahh to take center stage at your holiday table, let’s continue the exercise from the other day.

Grab a piece of paper and pencil or run over to your white board. Two columns.

Fantasy and Reality.

Easier to fill out the Fantasy side first since that’s probably what you’ve been envisioning forever.



-everyone arrives on time

-I remember to pull the organs and giblets out of the cavity of the turkey before cooking

-I time everything perfectly so it’s all ready at the same time…during halftime

-everyone gets along

-no one thinks it’s lame to go around the table and pass the pepper shaker, with each one saying what he or she is thankful for

You get the idea.

Then, fill in the Reality side.

-Uncle Peter is always late

-I’ll have to leave myself a big note to clean out the turkey cavity

-perfect timing and during halftime? never gonna happen

-back up plan for event that disagreements come up: “That topic is off limits for today. We are just here to have a good time together.”

-“Even if you think it’s lame to speak your thanks, please do this for me.” You may need to add a reminder that you can withhold the dessert from those who do not share.

What this comparison does for you is give you a chance to breathe, both now and then, loosen your expectations of yourself and others and decide which things you are flexible about and which are deal breakers (and dessert withholders.)

NOW, breathe with me. Deep and cleansing breath in, grateful to have breath. Exhale.

Another deep and restorative breath. Release.

Drop your chin gently toward your chest and roll your head toward your right shoulder and then back down toward your left. Not in a full circle. Your neck and shoulders may be too tight just now to do that without straining them.

Deep breath in again and see if you have already tensed up since the last one.

Repeat until you feel the release of the ahh.

Practice this again on Thanksgiving Day.

Focus on gratitude rather than stress.

Enchanted Breaths are the “ahh, the haha and the aha! of life.”

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