Enchanted Breaths

Banish Stress with Enchanted Breaths

Melon Collie?
Chin up! The whole quality of your life can be altered by layering on the senses.
Take a deep breath wherever you are right now and exhale. Take another and release your breath and the tension in your muscles and nerves.

In this very moment, find something in your view that pleases you and enjoy looking at it for a moment. Listen for a pleasant sound. It might be your dog’s rhythmic breathing or silence. Breathe deeply again and consider a scent you enjoy. Your Dragons may try to convince you that nothing around you smells good. Well maybe there are roses on the wallpaper. Recall their fragrance if nothing in your surrounding area carries a pleasing scent. The sense of taste is next. Sip some rich coffee, have a bite of organic dark chocolate or simply taste the air. Observe a few contrasting textures around you, whether your are in your room, office, or outdoors. Solid desk and squishy pillow. Knobby Berber rug and silk curtains. You get the picture. Now touch them for a tactile experience.

Consciously take in your world through all of your senses and you will feel better and more connected. You will have also earned the Enchanted Key to Sensory Experiences.
Go you!

The Enchanted Breaths are the “ahh, haha and aha! of life.”

Thanks to Grammarly for this great photo.

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